Super Super Senior

I have been through and done a lot in my 31 years but only regret one of those things. The rest I take as a lesson and learn from it.

The one thing I regret is dropping out of high school. I’m not saying I haven’t done well in life for being a high school dropout. I was even able to attend community college before they got a bit stricter on the high school diploma thing. But in my head I always knew I took the easy way out. I walked away from a bad situation without fighting for it.

So now here I sit, a 31 year old high school student. I go to school once a week and do online courses. I rot my brain reading the same US History passage over and over. I kick myself in the ass because I could be spending time with my kids but instead I am writing essays about whether or not the Revolutionary War was political or economical in cause.

31 years old and have never had to use my knowledge of the difference between x-ray microscopes and thermal microscopes; but what happens when my kids say they want to drop out because I did? I know I can tell them I wasn’t able to pursue my dreams, go to state college, yada, yada, yada… But I would rather explain to them why I shouldn’t have done it and why it is so important to have a diploma. So important that I am a 31 year old high school student.

Once I get that diploma I can’t wait to celebrate. I can honestly say that will be my proudest moment. I can say that despite all the obstacles in my life that I was able to stand up and take what is mine, and I hope my kids are proud of me too.


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