Single Dad’s Are Parents Too

**Warning: Controversial Subject Matter**

Dad’s Rights.

Everyone talks about a woman’s rights, a child’s rights, abortion rights, pro-life rights, etc, etc. But when it comes down to it what are the dad’s rights?

Utah is a joke when it comes to this. Dads have no rights. (Hopefully soon to be changed by a bill signed by Gov Herbert) Utah, the place where single moms run away to so they can give birth, adopt out and not tell the dad.

Don’t get me wrong here… Adoption is a beautiful thing. But only if it is done right. A child should NEVER be ripped from the arms of a loving parent, father or mother.

In Utah a “mother” (yes I do not believe that a woman who hurts the father like this should not be called a mother. This does not mean I don’t think moms who give their children up for adoption the right way are not mothers…. Don’t want to get myself in a hole I have to dig myself out of later) can lie to the father and tell them whatever she wants. They don’t even have to give the fathers name during the adoption process if they are not married. Absolute lunacy!

The reason I feel so passionate about this at the current time is a story is circulating Facebook that involves a family that I grew up with that is going through this right now. It breaks my heart for them.

Please remember that just because parents are not married that the father still deserves all the same rights as the mother or a married father. I was the unmarried mother once. I was also the mother who was pushed into almost giving her daughter up for adoption. I understand that part. My daughter’s dad had no say and honestly I don’t think he even knew the pressure that was being put on me by his family and our church. I could have given her up and never said a single word to him.  Thankfully as she celebrates her 11th birthday on Monday, both me and her father get to celebrate it with her.


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