Happy Thanksgiving!

Across social media, this time of year, we are bombarded with the “I’m thankful for…. yada, yada, yada”. We are all thankful for our family, friends, home, jobs, etc. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty what else are you thankful for. So here is my edition of “I’m Thankful”

I’m thankful for….

  • Coffee… We are just going to leave it at that.
  • Dr. Pepper… See above.
  • Facebook and Instagram… Lord knows what I would do with all the random pictures that I take on my phone.
  • My no nonsense attitude… Don’t try to bullshit me… Ever
  • Any other pie besides pumpkin… because that orange gloop is nasty… Yes I may have just committed myself to Thanksgiving Purgatory.
  • Bras… For me and for everyone else who needs them.
  • Sonic Drive In… You have blessed me with your Dr. Pepper with white coconut and your boneless wings. For this I thank you.
  • Bomb liquid foundation… Yes, a shameless plug but seriously! Photoshop in a bottle. Hit me up if you want to know more.
  • Hobby Lobby… My bank account may not be thankful but my heart is.
  • Memes… Seriously who isn’t thankful for those.


Well folks there is my top ten random things to be thankful for!

And of course I am thankful for my family, friends, job, home, etc. as well.

Have a great Thanksgiving with your loved ones!!



Divorced For The Holidays

As the holidays come near I can’t help but turn my mind to my kids and not for the normal reasons that you would during this season. My kids are a product of a divorced household. I am a product of a divorced household.

I was 11 when my parents called it quits. Ever since that time I have not been a fan of holidays, that was until I married my ex-husband. We had our two kids that we could celebrate with. I still struggled as many children of divorce do. Which parent do I see first? What Thanksgiving dinner do I attend? Do I see mom on Christmas and dad on Christmas Eve?

When my ex-husband and I divorced I felt the sour taste of holidays in my mouth all over again. Not only did I have to choose for myself but I also had to choose for my kids. Were we doomed to spend holidays apart, away from loved ones?

christmas ornament

Every year as Thanksgiving looms near I start to feel the same anxiety that I always do. I don’t feel holiday cheer; I feel the impending Christmas morning with no kids to wake up to see what Santa brought. I don’t look forward to meals with family; I stress over whose feeling I am going to hurt by not attending their dinner.

I dread the thought of my kids ever having to experience this. That’s why every holiday I put on my big girl smile and talk up the fun they are going to have at dads on Christmas morning and how I can’t wait to see them that afternoon to open gifts. This year I am planning a large Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday when they come home so we can still sit together and eat as a family.

So my gift that I want from every one of you that has to share your children, please don’t make your kids feel bad that they have to go to the other parent’s house during the holidays. Just let them know how much fun they are going to have and you will be waiting for them, arms open to them, always.

Single Dad’s Are Parents Too

**Warning: Controversial Subject Matter**

Dad’s Rights.

Everyone talks about a woman’s rights, a child’s rights, abortion rights, pro-life rights, etc, etc. But when it comes down to it what are the dad’s rights?

Utah is a joke when it comes to this. Dads have no rights. (Hopefully soon to be changed by a bill signed by Gov Herbert) Utah, the place where single moms run away to so they can give birth, adopt out and not tell the dad.

Don’t get me wrong here… Adoption is a beautiful thing. But only if it is done right. A child should NEVER be ripped from the arms of a loving parent, father or mother.

In Utah a “mother” (yes I do not believe that a woman who hurts the father like this should not be called a mother. This does not mean I don’t think moms who give their children up for adoption the right way are not mothers…. Don’t want to get myself in a hole I have to dig myself out of later) can lie to the father and tell them whatever she wants. They don’t even have to give the fathers name during the adoption process if they are not married. Absolute lunacy!

The reason I feel so passionate about this at the current time is a story is circulating Facebook that involves a family that I grew up with that is going through this right now. It breaks my heart for them.

Please remember that just because parents are not married that the father still deserves all the same rights as the mother or a married father. I was the unmarried mother once. I was also the mother who was pushed into almost giving her daughter up for adoption. I understand that part. My daughter’s dad had no say and honestly I don’t think he even knew the pressure that was being put on me by his family and our church. I could have given her up and never said a single word to him.  Thankfully as she celebrates her 11th birthday on Monday, both me and her father get to celebrate it with her.

Free… My Second Favorite F Word

As a wife and mom I know that I run into all kinds of new products daily. Which one to try? Which one is a giant waste of my money? Yada, yada, yada, blah, blah, blah…
Well today as I was looking online for Keurig reviews I came across Influenster. For those who have never heard about it, this site is a review site that awards you with points for social media activity and reviews on random products. Yes, I know there are many sites like this one but after reading some pretty legit things about this I thought “Why the hell not?”. Once you earn a certain number of points, you earn badges. When you get a badge, you are in the running for a “VoxBox”. Basically a free goody box! Who doesn’t like free goodies??? I know I am a huge fan of anything free that is coming my way.
I already did my first review. Starbucks… Yep I’m a fan and they got a full 5 star review from this coffee chugging mama.
I also voted in my first Influenster Awards so here’s to hoping it pays off and I get selected for a VoxBox. This one would consist of makeup, hair and pampering products. Throw out pampering and you have me on board!
If you are interested in taking a look and getting some free swag here is my link. Click and away you go.
So here we go… I am now an Influenster. Let’s see if this pays off. And if not… oh well.



A Basket Full…

Laundry and wisdom…. The two things you are sure to accumulate as a mother. Occasionally these two things cross paths, like make sure to always wear clean underwear. As a mother of 2 amazing kids and the step mom to 2 equally wonderful step kids, I accumulate A LOT of each.

A Laundry Basket of Wisdom

  • Never let your laundry pile get larger than your problems…. Or your 8 year old.
  • Whites and darks don’t mix…. Should only be used in laundry terms.
  • Grass stains are the herpes of laundry.
  • One day your 11 years olds soccer socks will walk away on their own if they keep leaving them in their soccer bag…. Feelings don’t work that way if you keep them hidden.
  • Your laundry and your problems…. Nobody cares how much you have. They just want to see the good stuff.
  • Socks…. Really we are just going to leave it at that.

Take the time to find the wisdom in everything. Take the time to do your laundry.

Time is key… Use it wisely.